Jürgen Glag has held positions as head of product development, manager in a consulting company, and as project manager for a broad range of projects in finance and insurance. Besides the leadership aspects these positions always required deep technical skills.

Since 2000 he works independently as a consultant with the following recent projects and activities:

His areas of expertise include

Jürgen is the author of the book Efficient Software Development with DB2 for OS/390. Efficient Software Development

In his book he points out how to ensure professional and efficient database software development in DB2 mainframe and distributed environments. The asset of this book is that technical aspects (performance, tuning) and organizational measures (performance under economical considerations) are covered. As a consequence, this book is suitable for organizations that want to leverage DB2 in an economical way.

He holds numerous certifications (IBM Information Management and WebSphere, Swiss Association for Quality) and is a frequent speaker at GUIDE, IDUG and other events where he has held presentations about Data Management, mostly related to DB2.

Jürgen is a member of the IBM Gold Consultant Program and a former member of the European conference planning committee of IDUG (International DB2 User Group), including the position as presentation chairman.

Jürgen has studied mathematics and physics at the University of Wuppertal, Germany.

You can contact him via Email or phone (see also Contact).