With a solid background in all aspects of data management and project management I can also offer you advice in the more recent developments in data management, namely Big Data.

Big Data does and will not replace the existing technology based on RDBMS, instead, it will augment the current capabilities of the existing information infrastructure. Questions that had be around for some time - sometines very long time - and which could not be answered in an economical way can now be tackled with a different technology that is primarily based upon large scale parallelism and sequential processing.

The integration of information processed by "classical" and "new" technology is said to give the highest business value to enterprises. But, technically spoken, the join criteria of the data sources which are processed and produced either by the existing technology or by Big Data technology based on the Hadoop stack are the next big challenge that has to be solved. You can also take it like this: How can unstructured information of external data source be reliably matched to the primary keys that we fully control in our existing environments.

With my recent activities in the Big Data area I can offer you advice in this field, in particular related to IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer in which you can build a unified search infrastructure that incorporates both fully controlled internal data and external data including federated data that can only be accessed by API's.

Does this meet your requirements? Please feel free to contact me for an in-depth discussion of your needs and possible solutions.